I’M BACK!!! …… for a short while =)

OH MY OH MY!!! Time really flies! It’s been more than a month since I upload my blog. I’m surprised (and touched) to notice that there are still people coming to this blog even I have no new updates since ages ago. Thank you people for still visiting here.

My day job (that has been extended to day and night job now) is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it is slow enough to let you admire the scenery around. Sometimes it is teeth clenching fast-and-furious that you can hardly breathe. And before you realize it is slowing down again. But unlike a ride, this has no end (unless I quit of course). Anyway, aren’t these ups and downs part of our life? As much as I would like to complain of my lack of personal time, I am grateful for the chance to learn and contribute to a great team. Not too bad I guess.

It has been very unproductive of my crafty side these few weeks. Not a single update. I know… So I would like to make up with these 3 cards that I made. Well, not really zero productivity at least *wink*

First, a very simple birthday card (for my ‘platinum’ customer ;p).

Second, a card for a friend that has left to UK to further study. One more year till we get to see her again…

Last, a farewell card (also for my ‘platinum’ and only customer! Haha!)

Okay, guess that’s all I have this time round.

Till we meet again…..


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