I’M BACK!!! …… for a short while =)

OH MY OH MY!!! Time really flies! It’s been more than a month since I upload my blog. I’m surprised (and touched) to notice that there are still people coming to this blog even I have no new updates since ages ago. Thank you people for still visiting here.

My day job (that has been extended to day and night job now) is like a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it is slow enough to let you admire the scenery around. Sometimes it is teeth clenching fast-and-furious that you can hardly breathe. And before you realize it is slowing down again. But unlike a ride, this has no end (unless I quit of course). Anyway, aren’t these ups and downs part of our life? As much as I would like to complain of my lack of personal time, I am grateful for the chance to learn and contribute to a great team. Not too bad I guess.

It has been very unproductive of my crafty side these few weeks. Not a single update. I know… So I would like to make up with these 3 cards that I made. Well, not really zero productivity at least *wink*

First, a very simple birthday card (for my ‘platinum’ customer ;p).

Second, a card for a friend that has left to UK to further study. One more year till we get to see her again…

Last, a farewell card (also for my ‘platinum’ and only customer! Haha!)

Okay, guess that’s all I have this time round.

Till we meet again…..


It All Ends…..

This is it. The memories, laughter, tears….

We grow up together with the characters. It’s been part of my high school memory, college memory…

Despite the fact that I like the books more than the movies, I really like how the movie visualize every scene in the books, especially Hogwarts. I believe every fan used to secretly wish that they receive the offer letter to Hogwarts and finally can learn MAGIC in this cool place *wink*.

But now it all has come to an end….. Thanks for the memories =)

Busy busy busy…

I miss my papers, punches, stamps so much… I miss the time struggling which colors or lace should i choose. I miss the time taking photos of my proud creations.

Instead, I’m stuck with work and some stuff. Luckily, an exciting holiday is awaiting me next week! So I maybe MIA from blogland for quite some time. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with some crafty creations to share with my fellow crafters! ­čÖé

Till then…

Clean&Simple Sketch 134 & PDCC75

Finally it’s April!! The most ‘happening’ month in the year to me! It’s the month of my first job (1st of April), our anniversary (7th Apr),┬ámy first car (7th Apr) and┬ámy birthday (21st Apr)! See what I mean? And Prince William is getting married (29th Apr), Justin Bieber’s Concert (21st Apr)… Okay, out of topic…

So this week, I’m gonna share a card that I made for our anniversary. Since I’m giving this to him, I would like to keep things simple. I played with Clean&simple Sketch 134 and The Play Date Cafe Challenge PDCC75. I’m really attracted to the simple sketch and interesting color scheme of the challenges. and here’s my take:

I pierced the cardstock to create grid-like look.


I just realized I don’t have many silver papers/embellishments in my collection. So, I used the dark grey small button and silver glitter alphabet stickers instead.

Clean&simple Sketch 134 and The Play Date Cafe Challenge PDCC75:

This will be our 4th anniversary. 4 years are neither very long nor short time. I believe we’ve gone through many ups and downs, especially last year where we were in long distance relationship. I just wana tell you (I know you’ll probably read this 1st thing in the morning) ┬áthat I’m really happy to be with you. I’m sure you’re feeling the same way too. So let’s hope for better and brighter future together. Happy Anniversary.